Our Founder and Executive Chair Dr Marie Macklin CBE is proud to announce the winner of our Onthank Primary School drawing competition is Amelia Fulton.
During their visit in June we tasked Onthank’s Primary 4 classes with drawing the HALO Enterprise and Innovation Centre. Our Winner, hand picked by Marie herself, joined us on the 9th of September for a tour of our award winning, low carbon, sustainable HALO Enterprise and Innovation Centre.
We will be displaying Amelia’s fantastic drawing in the HALO #RockMe Gallery alongside the signed Onthank Primary polo shirt that was presented to Dr Marie Macklin CBE by the pupils of Onthank.
Dr Marie Macklin CBE had this to say on the recent collaborations with Onthank Primary School: “HALO is all about creating a new Tomorrow’s World for our Children’s Children built around a Live, Work, Learn and Play economy . With young people like Amelia being central to all we do at HALO I truly believe we can create opportunity for all being driven from the heart of our communities.”