As we celebrate our first Christmas on the HALO #RockMe Trading Floor, we’re excited to launch our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ festive campaign that kicks-off today, (Thursday 1st December) and will run until, yip – you got it, the 12th of December.

This time of year, provides the opportunity to get set up for the festivities and spending time with family and friends, in addition to reflecting on the year as it comes to an end – what has been achieved? Where have we not focused enough? and planning for 2023. Why not start the New Year with the HALO #RockMe team and global partner network to help you on your journey.

Our ‘12 Days of Christmas’ initiative will create the unique chance to be one of 12 businesses/ entrepreneurs to receive a 3-month HALO #RockMe Hybrid package worth £900* – access the floor three days per week, enjoy your own desk, locker facilities, superfast Wi-Fi, and access to support from our partners including, Barclays Eagle Labs, Anderson Strathern and ABB + loads more…

So, here’s how it works, we will be sharing messaging across the 12 days timescale on ‘Why HALO #RockMe?” you’ll hear from our partners, team, and members on all things HALO #RockMe. In return and for your chance to join us on the Trading Floor in 2023, simply email us why you should be one of the lucky recipients and what it would do for you and your business to win one of our 12 Hybrid packages, send your email to Closing date will be Friday 16th Dec with successful applicants informed on Monday 19th Dec.

Dr Marie Macklin CBE, Founder and Executive Chair at HALO Urban Regeneration Co. invites you to get involved I’m aware more than ever the challenges and barriers facing the business and entrepreneurial eco-system with rising costs, workforce shortages, changes in consumer behaviours and the cost of adapting to these impacts – that’s why we’re keen to help as many as possible in 2023. We all need to work together at these times to keep our economy growing both now and in the future. So please take the opportunity to share how HALO #RockMe can you help you in 2023 and hopefully see you on the Trading Floor soon.”

Visit our website: and find out more about HALO #RockMe

*Terms Apply

Team HALO #RockMe | #twelvedays